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I just finished a 7.536km running that lasted about 0hh:34mm:47ss !


I'm really enjoying these days of training.
The truth is that I go without any plan, every day I do a similar journey, perhaps a little longer each time.
I run by feelings, without forcing the machine and, even so, I am really fast, especially on the descents.
In the descent that you see in the photo, I reached almost competition paces for 1 km while my heart rate kept at 145 bpm.
It is an amazing feeling of freedom.
I'm not going to deny that I miss the running track and my training buddies the most, but it's not too bad to run aimlessly, just oxygenating the muscles and the mind.
Have a Good weekend!

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Well done, mate: you well deserve a virtual!BEER 🍻

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Hey!!! Long time no see you!

I was too busy, mate... but (for now) I’m back!

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