Long Run to the river

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 20.601km running that lasted about 1hh:33mm:40ss !


I have not been able to resist the temptation to do a long run.
A fantastic temperature to run (14 degrees) and a bright sun have forced me to do it.
I have to say that, to run these 20 km starting from the city center, I have had to cross the border of at least 4 neighboring municipalities, which is totally prohibited on this side of the world due to the severe mobility restrictions due to the covid (LOL).
However, it seems that we are achieving good results in the fight against the virus and the authorities have relaxed those measures a bit.
I finished the week with 6 activities and a total of 55 km run.
Honestly, I did not want to reach this level of volume, my goal was 45 km but ... as I said, I could not resist.
I feel very strong and the route was very good to maintain a good cruising speed with which at least 16 km have been run at an average of 4'20 "/ km and a heart rate of 155 bpm, which indicates that I have reached a great aerobic development in recent weeks.

Everything to indicate that I am on the right track and, best of all, no injuries.

Keep on running!




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I'm working my way up to doing 20k's. at the moment I can do 10k's no problem so it is the logical next step! I think it would probably take me 2 hours though. Great job!

I follow your training, you will get there my friend. Time is not the important variable but endurance now.

Hey, are you secretly training for the marathon? :)

Magnificient achievement, bravo!

You deserve both !BEER and @tipu curate

Today I felt as do it longer...I know it is not anything usual on me lately but I was used to do it in the past ;-)

Cool. It's the base building period in any case.

I envy you the weather you are having. It's spring already :)


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