Stairs workout

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 6.219km running that lasted about 0hh:29mm:26ss !


I did not have time yesterday to report about my noon run.
It consisted in "climbing" all the stairs available in my local hill plus some fast run while downhill, perfect for tonifying the legs muscles by also working nicely the cadence.
Skipping fastly on stairs helps a lot in order to improve this important variable which is the "running cadence", at the same time, you strength tendons and muscles doing a different work from just only running.
Today is raining hardly here at Barcelona so, my long run is planned for tomorrow morning with a softer but muddy ground.
Keep on running!

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"0hh:29mm:26ss" jaja jo també se fer 29mm corrents!😜

Ni la pluja et para tampoc💪


I will definitely be stealing this training tip from you! Stairs, who’d have thought?!

Training on stairs is a MUST ;-)

Command accepted!

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