Advantages of Teleworking

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I just finished a 4.547km hiking that lasted about 1hh:37mm:45ss !


Almost 1 and a half years working from home. I have had good times and bad times, from time to time I meet with the office team in a bar or a similar place so as not to lose social contact and that also helps not to feel totally isolated.
It is possible that from October of this year we can begin to return to the office, although in an alternate way so as not to gather too many in a confined space.
What to do...this is the new reality.
However, I am not going to complain too much and teleworking will surely be part of my way of working in the future.
There are really many advantages by working from home but you have to put a lot of will and rigor into the time available.
One of the many advantages I have is that I can afford the luxury of going for a walk at hours when it was impossible before, as long as the work is covered, of course.
Today at noon, Enzo and I have gone out for a walk. This is a special recovery routine that I have "designed" to strengthen and recover my injured dog. I intersperse 1 day of running with 1 day of long walk, although this time it has not been so long.
Anyway, what we do is a walk through the park of my city until we see a good meeting place with other dogs.
Enzo can then run freely behind or in front of them while I restore energy on the terrace of a bar.


You see, a few months ago this was unimaginable at this time for me, today everything is possible.

Have a good day!


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Me alegra bastante ver a Enzo que pueda realizar esa rutina de ejercicio. Tremendo trabajo del traumatologo y la recuperación de Enzo, el es bastante fuerte!.

Gracias, si, esta recuperando muy bien aunque hay momentos y momentos... Enzo se regula muy bien y procura no hacer sprints a toda potencia todavia aunque cada dia que pasa va mas rapido.
Seguimos haciendo indiba una vez por semana y masajes cada vez que vuelvo de correr con como mi tercer hijo ;-)




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