My new amazing A.J. Brown rookie card!

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My personal life has been in pretty much total shambles. But there have been some tiny random good things that have happened during all the chaos.

It's been hard to make the most high quality posts lately because of the drama. But this is my first baby step I guess.

The other day I bought a couple cards on Ebay to flip. I also bought a couple Titans cards for my personal collection. I'm still waiting on some good ones, stay tuned.

But THIS A.J. Brown card could possibly be my favorite. Possibly my favorite of all my cards.

a.j. card.JPG

aj card back.JPG

As you can see this card is designed to have A.J. look like he's running on a planet in space.

Now don't get me started on space ;)

It's an amazing card!

A.J. is also wearing my favorite style of the Titans jerseys, the dark blue style.

It would take a seriously SERIOUSLY pretty penny to ever sell this card. I likely will never sell it.

Can't wait for my other cards to come in!

What do you think of this card?

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Sweet card. Numbered out of /75 too. That is awesome.

Good eye! I totally forgot to mention that. I didn't even notice that when I bought it, it was a pleasant surprise when it came that is for sure!

Hell yes! That is the positive shit I need to see!

I don't know jack shit about cards but it looks like you got a nice sparkely one there. ;P
Now I can't wait to see the next batch.

Hahaha thanks I think the card's pretty cool too, my crappy phone camera doesn't do it justice fully lol. My other cards should be here very soon, can't wait. :)