Unique and Mysterious Barry Bonds Baseball Card with Unknown Value

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I tried my best to create this GIF and upload it into this post, hope it turned out alright. It was a bit tricky, but the preview that I see as I write currently, shows that it's working. I hope when I actually post it, it works out.

Back of the card.
barry back.jpg

As you can hopefully see, I have this pretty unique Barry Bonds baseball card. As you tilt it up and down (or back and forth?) you can watch Barry Bonds swing his iconic homerun swing! It's so neat. His swing captured in time, and can be watched forever as long as the card remains intact obviously. The Giants logo also alternates and changes to his number. Also on the bottom of the card you can notice how 'NL MVP' and '2002' basically kind of alternates as the card moves as well.

It is definitely one of my favorite cards I own! I think it's beautiful. Actually holding it in person and watching Barry swing is surprisingly fun and satisfying. I watched this guy smack homeruns for years as a kid, it's trippy to see that swing captured in time like this.

Lately I've been thinking about selling and possibly even trading some of my cards. I'm not sure I would want to sell this one or not, I would have to see the value of the card and then think about it. The only problem is, I have no idea what the value of this card is.

Nearly every other card I own can be googled and an approximate value can normally be found. Except this card. I searched it up in every way I could think and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how much this card could be worth. It's almost as if this card does not exist.

I'm not trying to imply that I hit the jackpot and found some super rare and valuable card. But I mean, a part of me does wonder.

It's equally, if not a lot more, likely that this card is simply worth a typical price of a normal card.

I can easily say I have never owned a card like this.

Perhaps the fact that it moves brings the value down? Who knows.

Also, I know that Barry's reputation took a pretty critical hit with him using steroids. But a lot of players used steroids in his era and Bonds is still one of the most iconic figures in baseball. He's the homerun king. No matter what, the history of baseball can't truly be told without talking about Bonds. It's definitely a tough situation to talk about among baseball fans.

What do you think of this Barry Bonds card? Any chance it has value, or is it just a neat card that is ultimately not worth much?

Let me know your thoughts, Hive on!


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That card is sweet. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I pulled a cool jersey card yesterday. I’ll have to make a post here in a bit.

Thanks man, I think its pretty cool too! Jersey Cards are always a cool card to get, I've only gotten MAYBE two ever. I'm excited to see your card! I bought some packs the other day for the first time in quite awhile. I'm excited for them to come in the mail!