1989 Topps Traded Ken Griffey JR

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A couple years ago I bought some sports trading cards at a garage sale. I have slowly been going through them and selling some on E-bay. A few months ago I came across 4 unopened boxes of 1989 Topps Traded Baseball cards. When I did a little research I discovered that this was Ken Griffey JR's first appearance for Topps. A quick check on E-bay showed a Beckett 10 to be going for around $800. So I opened the boxes and sent them off to be graded.

About 3.5 months later I got the cards back and was somewhat disappointed with the grades (not to mention the turn around time). I figured cards straight out of an unopened box would garner at least a few 10 sub grades and if I was lucky maybe an overall 10. As you can see it wasn't to be.

At any rate cards are appreciating at a pretty good rate so the value of these may go up. For now I will probably just HODL them or maybe sell them for Hive, LEO or BTC/ETH. :)

Please feel free to make comments or ask me any questions about this post.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


Those cards are sweet. I’m glad you got some good grades!

Thank you! I think my grading days might be over though except for maybe a rare find. The turn around time was horrendous and selling raw seems a lot easier. Plus blockchain and crypto seem to be taking up most my time. ;)

Yeah. I'm done grading for the most part. I'm really into hive and ctp right now.

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