Meme challenge #193 Entry #1 advice on Finance Life and Sports

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Advice is easier given then taken

Talking about advice I often meet people who keep recommending stocks to invest in and various avenues to invest in.

Recently I met a friend who did the same. He had been recommending stocks for a couple of years and was boasting about how successful he was.
I asked him as to how much money he had made and he must be quite rich by now following his own advice.
To my surprise he said he had little time to invest as he was too busy with other things.
So I wonder what is the point of having such knowledge if you are not confident about your own skills or do not put your money where your mouth is.

This holds true for sports too

A friend of fine was relentlessly persuading his kid for going for a jog and run in the mornings.
However his son was not into exercising or leading an active life style.
All this changed when my friend started taking the initiative and started going for walks, jogs and runs.
He became fit and became a role model for his son too.

From there on he never had to push his son and instead the son started following him and today they both run cross country.

Let inspiration drive you

Inspiration to succeed and become better be in in terms of health, studies or finance can be a great driving force that can take you to your desired success and beyond.


Including a short narrative with your meme is great. :)

Yes, that a great idea...

I am aware of how the big agencies use memes and I see their power every where so why not use it to make memes work for you
Give it a try it is fun!

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