Fitness tracking with MI Band 4

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Today for a change I'm not going to be writing any finance-related article. But something related to fitness. I recently received a MI Band 4 as a gift for getting a special mention in a hackathon in my office. I did not expect there should be some significant gift from that but I'm glad that the gift was indeed very useful.

If I remember it right, I used to have a fitness tracker over 5 years back when MI band was first launched. But at that time I spent my money to purchase it and it was also not very great after some point in time. This makes me think how long I'm going to be using this current band but I'm sure this new band is far better with a nice display and stuff. So I guess this will definitely last for a longer period of time in my hand before I throw it aside. But these days I have started focusing more on my health and it is all for a reason.

Recently I had a big health issue and have been recovering from that for the past 3 months. Now getting a fitness tracker is amazing because now is the right moment I need it. Maybe if I have had this last year after the lockdown started, it would have been even more significant. I used to go for walks every day and do some gaming as well. But never too late and I guess this is one of the best gifts that one can give others.

The first advantage this fitness band gives is that we don't have to use it just like a fitness band alone. The band can just be used as a basic watch to view the time and the number of steps we are doing every day. The previous band that I was having did not have this feature. There was no display at all. I was thinking that I should go for an Apple Watch or for a Fit Bit which I think has a great reputation among fitness trackers.


Features in MI Band 4

The new versions of the band now have some more great features compared to the older versions. The below are some of the useful features that I find in this MI Band 4.

  • Sleep tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Attractive display with features
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Controlling phone settings
  • Weather tracking

I find all the above features more interesting and useful. Some of these features were not there in my previous fitness tracker. Though I don't use all the features from the band, I would like to say that most of the features are definitely very useful.



The most attractive feature for me in this is sleep activity tracking. I'm not sure how accurate the tracking is, but it tells me my deep sleep time and normal sleep timings. I'm really amused by the fact that the technology can track all these details by its own intelligence. That's really fascinating.

The next attractive feature in the band is the heart rate monitoring feature. There are options to check the heart rate whenever I want or to continuously monitor. The continuous monitoring feature consumes a little more battery it seems but I have selected that option only. Whenever I'm walking or doing a little heavy task, my heart rate increases. There is also a feature inside that will trigger a notification to me when the heart rate is above some value.

I can also track the number of steps I'm walking per day. I'm planning to do some daily walks to increase my fitness. Tracking the fitness data is really motivating and it will also set us new goals for the next day.


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Its a awesome and helpful band for a sport person with amazing features for fitness tracking ✌️✌️✌️✌️

Yes indeed it is really motivating to track the data every day. Thanks for the comments.

Another great post.Thanks a lot 😊

Cheers! You are welcome. 🙂