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RE: Defending Yourself Against A Firearm (Self Defense Situation # 101)

I joke a little, but i say i would make a crazy sound and make a crazy looking face, before striking methodically and quickly. We can only hope to stop someone who has lost the moral value of life. People out there are quick to try and take from others, or pull a gun just because they can. Scary world out here. All more reason why we should be able to protect ourselves. Crazy anti gun people are quick to say that the gun is the problem. Im from Chicago btw where people kill left and right, crapload of gang violence and innocent people getting in the way of it, but we have strict gun laws.


hmm... crazy face can be scary! Maybe we can call that scary face. I also joke a little :)

When someone has a gun and you have to defend yourself, you can do something to distract him or you can talk and give what he wants. When he is listening or talking, he might not be thinking to shoot, that's the time you can make your move. Again if there is no alternative, only then make your move.

It's sad to see innocent people getting hurt. It does not only affect a person but also his or her family as well as society. Thank you so much @captainquack22 for your comment!