Splinterland's Weekly Challenge: Serpent of the Flame.

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This week battle challenge featured the Serpent of the Flame. Serpent of the flame is an epic card so it is introduced somewhat late on my deck (Epic card cost bit more than rare ones) but once I added Serpent of the flame on deck, my "Serpentine Soldier" is complaining of neglect.

Serpent of the Flame.png

So my battle ruleset was even-stevens and weak magic and Serpent of the Flame fit the bill.

My team in order: Malric Inferno(Summoner), Serpent of the Flame,Furious chicken,Beetle Queen, Kobold Miner, Imp Bowman and Cerebus.
My Opponent team in order: Tyrus Paladium(Summoner),Cocatrice, Silvershield Warrior, Herbalist, Silvershield Archers, Defender of the Truth and Peacebringer.

Malric Inferno.png

Give +1 melee attack boost to my team.

Serpent of the Flame.png

Leading from front, I like it's high health and high swiftness. Poison and retaliate just make it more powerful.

Furious Chicken.png

0 mana card, just use it as filler.

Beetle Queen.png

A tank healer, and +2 magic attack is good to have in team. Just wished it has more health.

Kobold Miner.png

Let attack the opponent tail.

Imp Bowman.png

A nice 2 mana card with high swiftness and 2 attack.


A self healer, that can retaliate ,Full hope that it will keep my tail safe.

Let come to the battle


With all summoner and monster abilities activated.


Serpent flame rocks as it took down Cocatrice by it's attack and retaliate on first round.


No more harm to opponent but Peacebringer at opponent tail and Silvershield warrior at front just look hanging there,


Wow! I think it's all over for my opponent and Serpent of Flame is still standing there.

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Nice battle. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice battle and lineup.
You might wanna work more on your post to get higher rewards and I think those monster pictures should be a little smaller.

Keep on playing.