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Palm strike is a very effective strike for self defense. You can use it in any situation. If you punch and you do not wear gloves, you might hurt your knuckles. But doing a palm strike, you do not need to wear gloves.

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Doing palm strike is safer and more effective. I see people teaching palm strike in self defense classes. If those participants have no experience in martial arts and they are learning it for the first time. , you need time to learn properly.

They are told to do palm strikes and it is a good strike for self defense. That's the truth, but they are not doing palm strike correctly. If you do something and you are not doing it in the correct way, it does more harm than good. They are just told to do palm strikes and attack like a wild cat.

Sometimes you have to be aggressive and fast to strike, but first, learn how to strike correctly. You will not learn in a minute. You need to watch carefully and start practicing slowly. When you get it right, you can add speed and power. You can practice on the punching bag.

Ando Mierzwa shared his experience in self defense class where a woman broke her wrist doing palm strike. He also talked about how to do a palm strike. Let's watch this video.

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You do a self defense course and you will learn everything in 3 days. My friend, that is not going to happen. You might get some basic ideas. You need to spend time to learn and practice. And it does not happen overnight.

When you do palm strike, you have to strike with your palm. Do not hit with other parts of the hand like fingers. Please do not twist your palm to make it straight. You can practice in front of the mirror to see your hands movement.

When you learn how to do palm strikes correctly, you can use that for self defense. Thank you so much for reading this post. To learn more about self defense, you can join Self Defense View Community and check out some of my recent posts.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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