Splinterland's Weekly Challenge : Sea Monster.

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This week splinterland's challenge featured Sea Monster and depending upon situation it can be killer card. It has nice health and heal and nice attack too but I feel it lack in swiftness due to its bulky size.

Sea Monster.png

It is great card but I think it positioning against magic attack should be avoided because magic attack coupled with Ruler of Sea ,Spirit miner and Sea genie might kill it fast. I like to couple this card with cards that increase it's swiftness like Ruler of Seas (in higher level) or creeping ooze that decrease opponent swiftness.

I got ruleset in which no sneak and I decided to give a go to Sea Monster, teaming it with Ruler of Seas and Creeping Ooze.


Use of these cards try to make up for swiftness that Sea Monster lacks.

My team in order: Alric Stormbringer (Summoner), Sea Monster, Furious Chicken, Creeping Ooze, Medusa ,Ruler of The seas and Crustacean king.

Opponent team in order: Plado Emberstorm(Summoner), Pit Ogre, Cerebus, Flame Monkey, Ant Miners and Hydra.

Let move to Battle :


This is screenshot with all summoner and monster abilities activated.


In round 1, I successfully eliminated opponent Pit Ogre and my Sea Monster knocked it down. Medusa stunned the Cerebus.


I am in no loss and round 3 started, look like easy win here.


End of round 3 is completed with my victory though Hydra retaliate and thorns killed Sea Monster.

Battle ID

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