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I spend most of my time discovering new content on the Hive Blockchain. I do not have such a professional work. Don't take it seriously by looking at the title. I will only share some of the content I like 😁 Let's come to the content I like.
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@tbnfl4sun What will Microblogging be like? (soon?)

@olawalium Wet Wood Still Burns.

@amr008 Happy birthday to Hive - Data for past year and My journey on Hive.

@denizcakmak Neden Yazmıyorsun? Neden Yazmıyorsunuz?

@kuronokenshi BioMetal - Chaotic And Frenzied Battles In Space [ENG -ESP]

@trostparadox Guidance needed: toward development of a ‘good bot’ (to aid account holders who want to prioritize ‘ecosystem growth’ over ‘individual profits’)

@nirvana3003 A look at Proof of Brain (POB), the Hive token that aspires to be like Bitcoin.

@olawalium How Does God Speak To Us?

@aggroed DIESEL POOL UPDATE- DEC/HIVE Pool hits $100k USD traded!


I did not use a certain order when listing the contents. I might have overlooked higher quality content that I have not come across. However, I tried to choose content that would be liked as much as possible. Take a look, too. See you.

(Note: Translation was made using Google Translate. Sorry.)


Hey thank you for the mention sir , appreciate it :)

You're welcome. You also mentioned me in your last article. Good coincidence :)

Thanks for the mention!

I am sincerely interested in improving the curation-rewards protocol, to better highlight and reward manual curation (like yours) and keep auto-voting bots from obfuscating that process.

Getting some visibility via the post you mentioned will hopefully help with that.

Thank you. Your post caught my attention. Hope it is supported by the community.

Thank you for your support, I am honored that my work is to your liking and that of many in the community.

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Thank you for sharing. I am interested in a POB Token.

Thank you very much for the mention and support. It is always a great motivation when one's content is pleasing enough for this kind of projects. Regards

It was a very good work. I'm also interested in games and nostalgia. Thank you for your sharing.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much for your support. No words could adequately do justice to describe how much I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Thank you for your posts and compliments.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for the mention, really do appreciate.

Thank you for sharing. It was an admirable post about sports.