A Step towards better health and Fitness

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Hello Guys,

Health is essential and we should always take out time and out some efforts to stay fit and healthy. I believe in this also walk about 5000 steps everyday and its my daily routine I even share my daily posts with @actifit app.

Today I have taken another steps and have received weighting machine which I ordered couple of days back through amazon website. I am going to follow a diet to reduce some weight and this machine will help me to keep a proper track. Dieting along with proper exercise helps to reduce weight faster and I will be doing the same.

This machine is pretty advanced and even digital. Its light in weight and with anti-slip pad so it does not move while checking eight. Here are some photos of it-


I did not know much about the features about it so watched few videos on youtube and read reviews as well to finalized this one. I have seen there is challenge going on by actifit and appics so will see if I will be able to participate in it. Honstely, I am not okay to record video and that's why I keep myself away from such things. I understand that this contest will require video as proof and if its mandatory then I wont participate.

I will share further update about my dieting and progress in weight loss in future posts.

Going to share this post in @dcooperation HIVE community as yesterday it was disappeared due to wrong placement of tag

Thank you so much.

Namaste from India

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This is nice that you're going to be fit.

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