Fitness Friday: Actifit- An App that Rewards to stay fit and Healthy

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Actifit is a dApp built-in Steem blockchain offering rewards in form of steem upvote and their own AFIT token. I have been using actifit since the day I have joined steem and in fact initially I was doing only actifit because its based proof of work and easy to do.

I have completed 271 reports on Actifit and now moving ahead to touch the mark of 300 reports. That's not all, I am going to have almost 20k AFIT tokens which currently stand at 18371. Here's the snapshot of my actifit account taken from


This is only app I know that pays to stay fit otherwise there are apps who are tracking the steps etc but no reward at all. If you're using the actifit then you know how it works and when I started this app was quite basic however with the passage of time it has upgraded and got modern look along with various user friendly option.

They has also started the option to exchange AFIT tokens for steem upvote and this has got much attention of users. Lot's of users are availing this facility and even 25 users have added AFIT X token to get that on daily basis. Talking about AFITX I would say its the most expensive token listed in Steem Engine website and it's trading around 10 Steem per token. I am not much aware about Steem engine platform but I know few options and keep on checking the price of few tokens. Apart from AFIT and AFITX I also keep a watch on sports token and U think this token has huge potential however its trading at rock bottom price now a days.

I currently have no holding of AFITX token but I want to have however because of its high value I am not in a position to buy over 100 tokens and become top 25 token holder however I exchange my AFIT and get one big upvote by @actifit once in a week time almost.

Prior to actifit I was using Google fit app to track my fitness and because it requires internet all the time so it was not working well for me however with actifit this issue resolved and I even started earning for my fitness activities. This app helps me to make minimum 5k steps and this is nice. Someday I am able to make the minimum score but I think it's okay because such days are very less in a month time.

If you're not on actifit then join it and enjoy the fitness with reward and technology.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

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I love actifit and quite regular with this app.
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