100 Burpees - 1st attempt

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A friend visited at the weekend and told me he'd lost a stone (6.3kg) in the past month by starting to follow online workouts by Jordan Yeoh. I already have a fair number of routines but I think a change is as good as a rest and so started to look through this guys videos to see what they were all about.

A lot of the routines contain moves that appear in other workouts I've been following this year but as well as the training program, Jordan has also posted a 100 Burpees challenge. His time is a pretty amazing 5 minutes and 36 seconds, and although I have done a fair few Burpees this year, I knew I'd be nowhere near that time - but how far away would I be, if I could actually complete 100?

On watching his attempt, I noticed he took breaks (4 in total), and this seemed like a sensible approach - 10/20 seconds to catch breath and avoid passing out was going to affect the final time too much, although I do think my 6/7 breaks was one or two too many.

After completing what I thought was 100, I played the video back to count and realised a few things:

  • My form, especially with the arms is not great. Although i got pretty low with the big nose to the floor, I'm not really that parallel and this could be better.
  • I did 108 in total, 8 more than planned!

The final time for 100 was 8:49 - not too shabby for a first attempt. As you can see/hear, I am struggling for air after the first 30/40 or so and was thinking at that point that I should stop here and sit down. After that, I did 10 (or 11 due to miscounting) sets at a time, and steadily made it to the 100.

I think there is room for improvement, but I'm not desperate for another attempt anytime soon! Does anyone else fancy a go? Votes and tips and respect for anyone who tries!



Oh, and I did set the watch to record the workout but it was having an off-day and didn't record my heart-rate properly - 90 bpm after 100 Burpees, I don't think so!

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I'm not sure I could that many. I have been doing pushups where I try to get right to the floor and those are hard enough.

I went to a fitness class a while back and the instructor said burpees never get easier. I think a lot of people don't go as low as you do. They just kick the legs out.

Your instructor might well be right - it's the constant movement of blood from head to toe which I think is the brutal aspect. Although, 100 jumps or 100 press ups would also be pretty punishing and so the 'break' in-between may help a little.


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I hate burpees! But I must try this soon. I am getting back in shape, I've gained some weight in the last year since my wedding haha, but I've started to eat better and to make some exercise. I think I cannot do this just yer but maybe I can try with a lower amount and work my way up from there.

My wife (@grisvisa) and I are doing some 7-minute workouts to create the habit of exercise, we are using an app on the iPad called 7, and we like it so far, we also used a similar app on the phone that works both on Android and iOS before. I don't remember the name. We disliked that one because we chose a full body workout but it never gave us leg exercises... that's why we changed apps.

Maybe my attempt could be: "How many burpees can I do in 10 minutes without dying".

Glad to hear you and your wife have found something that suits you both. Apparently, those that train together, stay together and so I hope it works for you guys :)

100 burpees is certainly not for those starting out with exercise, and I think doing what you can in 10 mins makes sense for starters. It's all practice though eh, I'm sure in time you'll get to 100!


Yes, maybe I can start with 10 or 15 burpees. I also need to improve the technique, those always gave me a hard time. Thank you for the tokens!

My technique is not great, but doesn't really get any worse throughout so i guess that's a start.

No worries, good luck!

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The closest I've ever come to doing a 100 burpees was still 60 burpees short😃. I can do a 100 jumping jacks though if that counts.
Here's some !BEER to kill off your progress 🙃

40 was my make or break point - I considered stopping as I felt pretty light-headed.

100 jumping jacks is a warm up :P

Here's some !BEER to kill off your progress

Thanks, it's almost the end of the working day and I think I'll have one, cheers!


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I did a 100 regularly in my 12 years of boxing days, but that was in the 1970s.
Nowadays 20 leaves me shaking like a leaf!

You are doing well here and little by little you will do even better.
Thankfully you are not unfit, but beware of pushing it too much, as one day when you hit my age the body takes it's revenge Ash.

Thank you for the words of warning, I suspect it's a case of slowly reducing exercise but not stopping completely. Oh the joys, I can't wait! 🙃


Hahaha, at my age you will also look around in the mornings when you get up from the bed to see if something fell off during the night lol.
Staying active is always the solution.

Blessings and thanks for the token!

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Thank you kindly!

holy sh**, a 100 of those?? respect!! I'd probably break down after maybe 10 or so, and don't even talk about the time for those... :D


It's all about practice and there is no time like the present! :D

true, adding a couple of those to a workout can probably quickly make a difference. Corona wasn't the best thing that could have happened to my physical fitness, I'm trying to recover, though. From the video it looks like you did pretty well :)
keep it up, Cheers!

Yeah, for a warm up or to finish you off, Burpees will do the job :)

Corona did the opposite for me - 4 months at home without work, that's a lot of time and time I could have used better - Spanish and keyboard on the list too now :)

I've also been following Jordan Yeoh and watching his videos for a couple of years now........

He is a great instructor and seems like a nice guy and damn he looks good.

If its a hundred burps challenge, I'm game....

Take care fella :-)

Yeah I saw a before and after photo, he's worked hard!

If you have a go at them make sure you tag me, cheers :)

Don't think my knees could take it! I do like to do pushups in sets of twenty though, sometimes 2 or 3 sets. The third is always a bastard so who knows how it would be with 5!! Well done!

Not after falling up the stairs no, but maybe in time?! I think it's worth giving them some work - use it or lose it springs to mind.

Cheers! Sub 8 mins on the cards next time, whenever that is!

Aye, I intend to. Starting off with some gentle squats first!

Sub 8 minutes, soon you will be able to squeeze in several 100s a day!! ;0)

Squats with a solid focus on technique - push from the heals, something that's taken me a while to get use to but my knees are no longer complaining.

Sub 8 minutes, soon you will be able to squeeze in several 100's a day!!

I will never try this more than once a day!

Wow. 100 burpees is a lot, regardless of breaks. 8:49 mins is a good time. I don't think that I could get anywhere close to that.

6 months ago there's no way I could have done 100, just been doing lots of different exercise which has helped. Thanks!

Yeah, that makes sense. The challenge is a good benchmark for progress I imagine as well.


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I can´t even do 10 of these hahahaha i have never been good at exercising, i prefer dance.

A fun alternative I think, but you could do 10 I'm sure :P


Oh, thanks for the engage!!

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If you want a slightly different burpee challenge, I've done an EMOM-type one with my fellow trainers. Set a clock for minute intervals. First minute do one burpee and rest the remaining time, then 2 on the next minute, then 3....and so on until you can't complete the number you are on in the given minute. The first few minutes aren't too brutal, but once you get towards the double digits it starts getting rough once your rest is down to nothing! I haven't done it in a while, but I'll have to try that one out again. Not sure if I have 100 in me, though! 😂

That sounds like a sensible approach/workout for those new to Burpees. Honestly, I think I'd be bored for the first 5 mins but I can see how with a deceasing rest period you are going to start suffering soon enough!

I think you can do 100 - 10 second rest in between each one? :)

Haha, yeah, I think that one is probably more fun with pals around because you can shit-talk the first few minutes then it starts getting competitive to see who can last the longest. ;)

Hhhmm, I'll let you know if I give it a whirl. Though I have to make sure I don't try it right before I have a session with a client, haha.

Good idea, more laughs and motivation con amigos :)

Please do let me know if you have a go!


11:36 And yes, that is sweat dripping from my nose. 😂

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Heyyy! Bravo!

The drip from the nose is like a badge of honor!

I will have to follow in case a video makes an appearance :D

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Hello dear friend @ abh12345 good afternoon
You really are a person who is very well prepared physically, a beginner could not reach that much, and a jovato like me, would not respond to the articulations. Excellent.
I admire the way you exercise your body.
Thank you very much for showing us your progress in exercise
have a great week

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Great you are on a plan. With my bad knees and back, I'll have to opt for low impact. Good luck.

Oh lord, my shoulders began aching just watching.

I didn't realise you were supposed to go into a full press up?

Great effort I say, you do a good job of making it look like it's hard work!

Oh my impressive!