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RE: 100 Burpees - 1st attempt

in Threespeak10 months ago

I hate burpees! But I must try this soon. I am getting back in shape, I've gained some weight in the last year since my wedding haha, but I've started to eat better and to make some exercise. I think I cannot do this just yer but maybe I can try with a lower amount and work my way up from there.

My wife (@grisvisa) and I are doing some 7-minute workouts to create the habit of exercise, we are using an app on the iPad called 7, and we like it so far, we also used a similar app on the phone that works both on Android and iOS before. I don't remember the name. We disliked that one because we chose a full body workout but it never gave us leg exercises... that's why we changed apps.

Maybe my attempt could be: "How many burpees can I do in 10 minutes without dying".


Glad to hear you and your wife have found something that suits you both. Apparently, those that train together, stay together and so I hope it works for you guys :)

100 burpees is certainly not for those starting out with exercise, and I think doing what you can in 10 mins makes sense for starters. It's all practice though eh, I'm sure in time you'll get to 100!


Yes, maybe I can start with 10 or 15 burpees. I also need to improve the technique, those always gave me a hard time. Thank you for the tokens!

My technique is not great, but doesn't really get any worse throughout so i guess that's a start.

No worries, good luck!

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