Floyd Mayweather Supports Kyrie Irving. History is Made.


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Hi Hive,

this is huge/a game changer in my opinion!
Floyd Mayweather supports Kyrie Irving in his
decision not to be bullied into taking an
"experimental" gene "therapy" a.k.a Covid-19 vaccine.
Floyd doesn't even mention the vaccine, just how
proud he is about Kyrie "standing up" for his beliefs.

The Land of the Free...free to make your own decisions...

Floyd talks about a leader making his own decision,
and a slave mind follows the crowd...
Floyd talks about "Stand for something, or fall for everything".
Great little speech for 1:11 minutes...reminds me of 11:11...Universe ;)
This video is circulating the internet, i got it from here:
I believe this is history, and should be shared, so i put it
on Threespeak.
More and more celebrities are coming out and taking a stand
against draconian vaccine mandates or the politics behind it.
Novak Djokovic , Kyrie Irving ,even Nicki Minaj! and now Floyd.
I love it, that's what i was waiting for.
Of course lamestream media "attacks" everybody not supporting
their narrative, but the narrative is falling apart and
Babylon is falling with it. It was written...✊

Power to the People! (like Floyd ends the video;)

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