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RE: 100 Burpees - 1st attempt

in Threespeak10 months ago

I did a 100 regularly in my 12 years of boxing days, but that was in the 1970s.
Nowadays 20 leaves me shaking like a leaf!

You are doing well here and little by little you will do even better.
Thankfully you are not unfit, but beware of pushing it too much, as one day when you hit my age the body takes it's revenge Ash.


Thank you for the words of warning, I suspect it's a case of slowly reducing exercise but not stopping completely. Oh the joys, I can't wait! 🙃


Hahaha, at my age you will also look around in the mornings when you get up from the bed to see if something fell off during the night lol.
Staying active is always the solution.

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