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RE: 100 Burpees - 1st attempt

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If you want a slightly different burpee challenge, I've done an EMOM-type one with my fellow trainers. Set a clock for minute intervals. First minute do one burpee and rest the remaining time, then 2 on the next minute, then 3....and so on until you can't complete the number you are on in the given minute. The first few minutes aren't too brutal, but once you get towards the double digits it starts getting rough once your rest is down to nothing! I haven't done it in a while, but I'll have to try that one out again. Not sure if I have 100 in me, though! 😂


That sounds like a sensible approach/workout for those new to Burpees. Honestly, I think I'd be bored for the first 5 mins but I can see how with a deceasing rest period you are going to start suffering soon enough!

I think you can do 100 - 10 second rest in between each one? :)

Haha, yeah, I think that one is probably more fun with pals around because you can shit-talk the first few minutes then it starts getting competitive to see who can last the longest. ;)

Hhhmm, I'll let you know if I give it a whirl. Though I have to make sure I don't try it right before I have a session with a client, haha.

Good idea, more laughs and motivation con amigos :)

Please do let me know if you have a go!


11:36 And yes, that is sweat dripping from my nose. 😂

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Heyyy! Bravo!

The drip from the nose is like a badge of honor!

I will have to follow in case a video makes an appearance :D

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