Do You Always Have To Stand In A Fighting Stance To Fight?

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When you learn martial arts, you learn different stance, such as wide stance, fighting stance. You usually fight in a fighting stance. When you see a fighting match, you usually see the fighters stand in a different way, that's fighting stance.

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Do you always have to stand in a fighting stance to fight? In this video, I talked about that. As a beginner, you have to learn and practice in a fighting stance. You can easily defend and attack when you are in a fighting stance. You are not exposed yourself to your opponent. And it makes it difficult for your opponent to attack and strike you.

Let's watch this video. And please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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Well description about fighting stance. Before watching this video I didn’t have idea about fighting stance, even I didn’t know there are two stance. Thanks for your video. I am learning something about martial art from your video.

Thank you for watching the video. Glad to know you found it useful.

Marshals need to know to defend themselves. And fighting at the present time is not a complicated issue. But every human being has to survive by fighting.

We all need to learn martial arts or self-defense. It makes you ready to face challenging situations in life. Thank you for your comment!