dCity Tax Rate Is 101.9%

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We saw the highest tax rate the last time and it was 80%, 83%. Now what you see in your city, that's unbelievable. It is not just 100%. It is 101.9%. So do you have to pay in your city?

101.9 Percent Tax.PNG

No, you don't. Not yet. You might be wondering where there is SIM income, it is supposed to be negative. Because of Law firm, we still get some SIM income. Let's watch this video.

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I just saw the tax some minutes ago.

I was so shocked. Is history repeating itself, this isn't fair anymore

SIM price gradually decreases. If tax rate stays more than 100%, SIM price will fall more and I don't think it will bring anything good.

I just came to know about it from your post. I was busy whole day.

I just have one sentence "they are killing the game".

Just give you one number.
That's the SIM price. It was close to 0.005 HIVE.

So, they are successful in reducing the SIM price. Awesome 👌🆒️ However, lost the interest.

I think in my game it's 51.9% or maybe I am looking it late

Now it's 51.9%. It was 101.9% before. I don't think higher tax wil solve anything, people will be more discourage to invest and get involved in dCity.

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