Stay fit- Tennis at Home | Move, Stop and Play drill

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Playing Tennis involves quick movements on the court as the ball does not find you where you are. You instead have to go for that ball wherever it is. It is something you can do for hours on the court. when you are in a competition, your opponent will always play the ball away from you and consistently on the court. You therefore have to take off some time and work on your level of fitness.

This is something you can do even from home during this lock-down. It will surely add value to your physical well being.

I am volunteering in my home area by engaging the young people in the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their lives. I look forward to keep building this initiative further and will be posting updates about it.

Thanks for the viewership and support.

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Dope mixtape! It's a great exercise and learning opportunity.

Thanks! Stay tuned for more of them. The young people are trying to Stay fit during this Lock-down. Tennis is a right selection for them. Will keep equipping them with more drills.

It looks very good and nice, always successful greetings to you, sir