Travel Vlog : Alonaki Beach - Parga, GR

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Hello guys, how are you?

I spend a day at #Alonaki beach a couple of days ago and it was awesome. The sand is golden and thick, huge rocks and big trees form natural shade all over the beach and the colour of the water is just one of a kind.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys, means a lot.

Make sure to visit "Alonaki" beach if you ever decide to spend your summer cavation at #Parga,GR. It's simply amazing.

Much love to everyone and always have fun.



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Very nice beach! I would love to take a swim there, too...
How was the water?

Greetings bro! The water was chilly, as it should be in a hot day like this!
Plan you next summer vavation in Greece man and let's enjoy some drinks together :D

Haha...sounds good ;)

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