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RE: Hive Power UP Day: 1ero Octubre 2020 💪 [ENG/ESP] || #HPUD

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Hello, Victoria!

A yet-to-be-determined HIVE POWER DELEGATION - Sponsored by @fionasfavourites

@traciyork and I were discussing this just yesterday and this is what will happen this month:

I will be offering two three week delegations of 100 HP for accounts that the criteria that will be set out in Traci and/or my post in a couple of days' time.


Lovely lady i suck at replying to comments cause well i just suck and im just seeing this now LMAO

thank you so much for being awesome and sponsoring prizes!

No worries! You are busy with stuff. As we all are!

Glad to be able to help. Even just a little