Childhood memories are happiness in pain

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If I had a time machine, where would I go in the past or the future? Many people have different answers. Some say I want to visit my future, some say I want to visit the meeting of Emperor Akbar of the Mughal Empire I want to go back to my childhood once. Memory is always painful. But there is real happiness in this pain. It is a big strange happiness. Those childhood days are amazing. So I want to go back once more to that small nest of deep peace in my small village.

Waking up very early in the morning to go to pick worship's flowers with friends. The call of the newly awakened bird would make the life around him more cheerful and encouraging. Fishing on the river all day. It would be nice if I could play cricket with friends all day.

I know that those days are not to be returned. Once it is gone, it should be returned and not. But the mind does not mean. The mind again when a winter morning to put the cover of a new book wants a bowl of muri and solid molasses. That is a heavenly feeling. So I still find my childhood in today's generation.

When my mind and soul are very sad to be constantly locked in the house, then I run to the bosom of nature. The closeness of nature puts a coating of peace on all my pains. I watched their game by parking next to my favorite bike pulsar ns200. And I went back to my childhood in my imagination.

In every movement of these boys, I lost myself in the deep sea of ​​the past. Where only Rashi Rashi is free and there is a lot of love. Childhood is the best time of life.

So we should never ruin a child's childhood. Social and family invisible whims and desires should not be damaged by the childhood of all these new lives. In childhood, a child develops like a new tree with branches. So he should be allowed to develop fully. Only then will the nation get a strong new generation.


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