Why I Rank Snooker As One Of My Most Interesting Indoor Sport…

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Hi all, welcome to another post of mine… An exciting new day again as we look forward to more amazing things ahead. If you haven’t read my previous post, yesterday I talked about squash – a not so popular but fun and amazing indoor sport… Today, I will be talking about snooker and why I rank it as one of my most interesting indoor sport… Not only is playing snooker so much fun, it also comes with a lot of benefits that helps improve thinking skills and understanding of angles and calculations.

Snooker is yet another fun indoor sport that has gained a lot of popularity over the years that is has grown to become one of the favorite indoor sport of many, including myself as I really like the game a lot. Back in the days, I used to remember when I go out with friends and watch people play snooker – one of the things that really got my attention was how subtle mathematics was involved in the game. A lot of the very good snooker players had a strong understanding of angles without even knowing. For me, it was really fun watching people utilize subtle mathematical calculations to play the game.


I knew that was some I wanted to learn. As expected, learning how to play snooker wasn’t an easy task as you have to first learn how to properly holed the stick, how to hit the pool balls before getting to the stage of utilizing subtle mathematics to figure out where to hit the ball to go to the direction you want… This was fascinating to me and as someone who kinda loves maths, I knew that if I can learn the basic, I could pretty much get decent pretty quickly… so my quest to learn snooker began… luckily, I had a few friends who could play snooker, so it was normal for me to learn from them. After I had gotten pretty confident on the basic, it took it from there and began practicing more until I was able to be competitive and get a wins :).

It has been long time I played snooker, but it has become part of me that I can pick up snooker right now and do pretty well. Snooker is one of those sports that is fun to play with friends, I still categorize snooker on the same level as darts, table tennis and bowling in terms of enjoyable and pure fun to play. It is quite an addictive sport as well… The better you are at snooker, the more you will want to play it more and push yourself against the very best. Similar to chess, games that require a lot of calculations and brain power is usually very addictive when you are really good at it, because you subconsciously want to flex your calculation skills. Above all, snooker is one of my favourite indoor sport to play and enjoy. Thanks for reading!