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RE: Premier League 2020-21: Who will make the top four

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It can but other teams are so good. Arteta is looking to bring new era of Arsenal, so I am eager to see what will happen


Yes. I feel Arsenal will play 3 man at the back formation with Tierney and Bellerin or Cedric as wing backs.

Tierney has shown to be a leader. A vocal one and his crosses are a delight to watch.

I think completing Partey deal will be great or finding Torreira good form again. Torreira is up there with the best defensive midfielders.

I just feel Arteta can be like Portugal Fernando Santos. He doesn't have the best players but he knows how to play to their strength. Arteta inherited the same Emery team that conceded 30+ shots against Watford. The way he turned them to a solid team at the back is something else.

Arsenal will likely beat the smaller teams and get two to three wins with the top teams to seal top 4