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RE: Should You Give What The Attacker Wants?

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I'm one of those who would fight to keep my property. But I understand why many would choose not to and might be smarter.

However, I believe that if someone is demanding you come with them in no way do you comply. If you allow someone to get you away from the public, the odds of ones survival fall drastically as they can do whatever they wish without worrying about being rushed or someone hearing you if you scream. I recommend making a fight there and then to anyone being demanded to come with an attacker.

I just discovered you in the new posts, and glanced and saw you did a post on whether you plan on where you strike an opponent. I think (I trained years ago) it's smart for everyone to not only plan this, but prepare for different scenarios based on height/weight/numbers. Also to begin studying group dynamics in case confronted by several people. If you can identify the tough one and take them out, often the others will become cowards and run. It's usually never the one making the most noise, that's usually the bully emboldened by the implied power of the tough one.

An interesting blog and am following now.


Bad guys seem tough from outside, but from inside they are weak. If you give up easily, they might come over and over to do the same thing and make other people victim. Taking action against them would be the effective one.

I completely agree with you. You have to train and prepare for self defense. If something bad happens, who knows, you are ready to face that and protect yourself and others. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your feedback!

See you around, @practicalthought!