Bear Hug Self Defense Technique Review

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The attacker can get close to you from behind and grab you with your hands, that's a bear hug. It is a common attack. What usually happens is, someone grabs you from behind like this, other attackers start attacking. And you are standing there like a punching bag.

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Today I will review a self-defense technique against bear hug. Let's watch this video first. Then you will understand what we are talking about in this post.

If the attacker does not hold you tight, you can do this to release. But if the attacker is stronger and bigger as you watch in this video, you will be in trouble. He will not let you move your hands, let alone put your hands in front of his grip.

There is a chance you can apply this technique if you attack the attacker first. For example, you can hit the attacker toe with the heel of your foot. The attacker will feel the pain and that's the moment you have to break his grip.

Again if you hold the attacker's hand like that after breaking the grip, I don't think the attacker will be in a pain. He is still behind and his one hand is open, so he can grab you again. Instead, it is better to attack him and turn to be face to face. Then you can see what is about to do next.

You can use an alternative self-defense technique to defend yourself against a bear hug. You are usually in a normal position. When the attacker grabs you from behind, move your one leg to the side and ground yourself properly.

In case the attacker intends to lift you up, he cannot do that easily. Then squeeze your shoulders forward. It will create more space. Instantly pull your both hands up to the sky. You will just release from the attacker's grip. Now you can do elbow strike, punch or kick. When you defend yourself, don't stay there, leave the place immediately.

I'm sharing my opinions about what would be more effective for self-defense. Please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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