Dealing With Stronger Opponent Who Has Some Background (Self Defense Situation # 142)

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You can fight and handle someone easily who does not have any fighting skills. But if someone has some background like wrestling, and he is bigger and stronger than you are, what would you do and how do you handle the situation?

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation # 142.

Every situation is different and you cannot fit one thing in every situation. What works in one situation, that might not work in another situation. When you fight for self defense, your move should be based on the situation.

So the attacker has some advantages. Since he is stronger and bigger, he will use strength and power to take you down. Once the attacker grabs you, it can be a nightmare since he has some background in wrestling.

Self defense is not all about fighting, it is also about how to avoid a fight. So if you can talk to the person, calm him down and change the situation, that is better.

In case you are being attacked, you have to make your move to protect yourself. For example, if he grabs your both arms, you want to get rid of that fast. Let's watch this video. This is not my video and all video credit goes to Master Shailesh.

Source and Video Credit

Let's talk about what you should and should not do. If the attacker grabs your hands like this, you can grab his head, and control his movement. You can divert him and move to another direction.

However, you can move his hand from your body and strike him. But I would not recommend moving his hand from your body and then get close to grabbing him as you watched in the video. The attacker is good at grabbing. If that's his strength, you will try to avoid grappling.

You have to fight observing your opponent's movements. You can pull the attacker towards you and then move him to the side. Then you can go for a counter-attack.

You can punch, kick, do any other strike, but it is better not to get into the grappling range. Make the distance, and do not let the attacker get close to you.

If you see the attacker's weakness, you can take advantage of that in order to defend yourself. So what would you do in a situation like this?

Please feel free to leave your comment below. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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  ·  21 days ago (edited)

What would I do?

I seriously don't know. And the fact that I know that he's stronger than me, I will do anything to avoid that fight.

So I guess I will try to talk to him, if that doesn't work, then I'm running like my life depends on it, because it does.

Your post was entertaining by the way.. This is the first time I'm stumbling upon a martial art post here on Hive.. It's amazing!

We can solve many things the way we approach to the potential attacker. If you can run and get out of there, please do so. It is better than waking up in the hospital after a couple of days and then wondering what just happened lol...

Sometimes you just can't run and you have to deal with that. I have been writing about martial arts and self defense for over a year on steem/Hive blockchain. Glad to know you like this post. Thank you so much @prayzz for your feedback. I appreciate that!

Yeah I think running is the best option but if that isn't an option, I will have to stand and do whatever I can to get out of there.

Now that I think of it, I really do need to learn martial art, for self defense.

And no need to thank me, your post was an entertaining one. I should be the one thanking you.