Do You Expect People Help You In Street Fight?

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There is something you might not feel comfortable talking about. The truth is not always sweet. I have been making content and sharing different things about self defense and martial arts. I hope some of you will take action to learn self defense that can save your life one day.

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So do you expect that other people would help you if you are being attacked?

In case people are not around you when you are being attacked, there is no question of getting help. If there are people around you, still you might not get any help. It is sad that you are being attacked by someone or a group of attackers, no one is coming forward to help you. You are on your own.

You might think the world is rude, those people act like the audience and just stand there watching everything but doing nothing. You're alone and helpless. This could happen in real life.

When there is a group of attackers, there is a high chance that you will not get any help from other people. If they go ahead to help you, their life will be in danger.

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One of the reasons you might not get any help is, many people do not know what to do. If there is someone who is trained and knowledgable, he/she will do something to help you.

Sometimes I suggest drawing people's attention as a defense tactic. So what's the point if people do not come forward to help you?

The thing is, you see no one is coming to help you, but someone among the people can call the cop and it can save your life. You might not get a chance to call anyone, let alone police. So even if you do not get help directly, you will get help indirectly.

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Some people want to help you but they just do not know how to handle the situation or what to do to defend yourself from that situation.

When your life is in danger, you can use your surroundings and environment against the attackers. You need to have an open mind. It would not be like you trained in the gym or practice ground. To defend yourself, learn to adapt, and make your move fast.

I highly recommend learning martial arts that help you defend yourself in real-life situations. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Hi, I am Rezoanul Vibes. I'm a content creator and passionate learner. I write about lifestyle, martial arts, self defense, and digital marketing. I started making videos without me on the video. Well, you cannot see me, but you can hear my voice. I'm glad to meet amazing people all over the world.

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to add to everything said (that i completely agree) is that many people are afraid of what it will happen to them as well. For example if they saw someone threatening someone else with a knife they will think that if they try to help, maybe they will get hurt!

Where there is a life and death situation, things can get really scary! You expect that people would come forward to help you but when you see a lot of people just standing and doing nothing, it can be disappointing. Sometimes the reality is harsh.

Sometimes some people come forward to help you that you have never expected before. You have never thought they would help in that situation.

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