Do You Plan Where To Hit In A Fight?

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You think you will go and hit the opponent's certain part of the body. So you plan to hit there. For example, you plan to punch the attacker's face. To do that, you have to move and get to the punching range. No matter how many times you punch, you cannot even touch the face unless you are in a punching range.

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Let's give another common example, hit to the groin. It could be effective and you aim for that. In order to hit the groin, you need to close the gap between you and the attacker. The attacker will not let you hit there. In a fight, you strike a couple of times, you are in a close range, and the way the attacker stands, it gives you the change to hit there, you can strike there.

Most often if you concentrate too much to attack in a certain part, you might miss out on other parts of the attacker's body where you can strike for self defense. You have a strategy where to hit. But if you are too focused to hit in a certain part of the body, you might not get the chance or miss a lot of things.

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As I said, you can have a strategy to fight. You can also decide where not to hit as a strategy. If you strike and hit directly to the attacker's mouth, you might make some damage on the attacker's teeth, but at the same time, you might get hurt on your knuckles. And you do not want to do that.

In a fight, you like to grab the attacker, move him or push and throw him away. If you damage your knuckles, you cannot grab the attacker to make your move as a defense. It's bad news.

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You can strike on the checks and other parts around the head. Or, instead of punch, you can do palm strike. Palm strike is a very effective strike for self defense. You can strike somewhere hard with palm strikes, and you will not get hurt.

To make any move for self defense, you need to spend time on your training. Otherwise, you cannot use it when the time comes. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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