Do You Punch With Bare Hands Or Gloves?

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When you practice martial arts, should you punch with bare hands or gloves? There are some benefits to wearing gloves when you are in the training. If you just punch on a punching bag wearing gloves, you will not get hurt on your hands.

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Yod do sparring with your training partner. Your gloves not only protect your hands but only protect your partner from getting hurt. In your training, you can wear gloves.

But does it make you ready to fight for self defense? If someone attacks you, you are not there wearing gloves and ready to punch like that. You will not feel that comfortable to hit with bare hands if you only practice with gloves. So you are not physically and mentally ready to fight like that.

Having conditioned your hands can help you when you hit with bare hands. You can practice and hit with bare hands. You can use a wall bag or punching bag for that.

Start slowly. Do not apply your full power while hitting with bare hands. Hit lightly and spend some time to train like that. When you punch and hit with bare hands, you are physically and psychologically ready.

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Take care of your training partner while sparring with bare hands so that he does not get hurt. Keep practicing on a regular basis. In the beginning, do not spend too much time punching with bare hands. Take your time and have patience. You will get used to it.

You can do exercise to increase your hands power. You usually do push up with open hands. That's good. Now try to push up with fists. It will put pressure on your knuckles. It is easy, if you can do push up with open hands, you can do push up with fists.

In a fight for self defense, you will not get gloves to wear and fight. You have to fight with bare hands. So keep practicing with bare hands, and your hands will be conditioned.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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