Fight Without Getting Hurt

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When there is a fight, you will see that there is always someone who will get hurt. Having a fight and no one getting hurt is unlikely to happen. Here we are talking about the fight in real life.

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If that's a fighting competition, fighters wear gloves, guards, and there are arrangements so that it becomes a safe fight. But you see after having all this, people get injured and hurt pretty bad sometimes.

If that's a fight for self-defense, you are not fighting for fun or getting a trophy. You are pushed to a situation where you try to defend yourself. Awareness is the key to defend yourself against any sort of attack.

As soon as you understand or get the signal that you will be attacked, you can take preventative steps not to let that happen. You can call the police. If you are in a quiet place, you can move to a public place where there is less chance of being attacked.

Even if you see the attackers in front of you, you can still talk and change the situation. Sometimes the way you behave and talk might make the attackers change their minds. Avoiding the fight is the best thing you can do. Unfortunately, sometimes you might have no option. So you have to make your move to strike in order to protect yourself.

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If you just block, parry to defend yourself, you cannot hold the attackers. They will keep attacking you. As soon as you block any strike, you need to counter-attack instantly. When the attacker also gets hurt due to his attack, he will think twice to strike you again.

You can use grabbing and locking techniques to prevent strikes and stop the attacker. Again the attacker will feel pain when you grab and put pressure. He might not attack you again and you will find a way to get out of there.

Having a fight without getting hurt is a rare case. So avoiding the fight is the best option if you can. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comment.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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