How To Prevent The Attacker From Taking You Away?

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The attackers can have different motives behind any attack. If you are being attacked, maybe they want to hurt you or whatever they want to do, they do not want to do that right where you are. So they want to take you away from there.

Once they are able to take you away or kidnap you, they are in control. You will end up in a vulnerable position. It is always better to stop the attackers before it is getting worse.

You have some fighting skills, but once they kidnap you and lock you somewhere, you are in big trouble. Suppose, the attacker grabs your hand and forces you to go with him. You can simply strike him to release, but based on the situation, you might not want to do that. So will you go with the attacker?

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You can release your hands without striking the attacker. You can move your hand in a circle towards the attacker's thumb, the attacker will not be able to grab you anymore. Your whole force works against the attacker's thumb, as a result, the attacker has to let you go.

Even if you do not do that, you can use your body weight against the attacker. You can make it hard for the attacker to move you. In order to do that, you need to bend your knees and put your weight down. When the attacker pulls you grabbing your hands, you can use your body weight and force against that. The attacker will find it difficult to move you from there.

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The attacker can have weapons and use them to threaten you. Well, then it becomes a little complicated. If it's a knife, you can fight back. Even if it is a gun, you can disarm the gun. It has some risk when you make your move to defend that.

Based on your observation and situation, you have to make your move. You can use your surroundings against the attackers. If it happens in a public place, you can draw people's attention. Maybe people will not come forward to help you, still, someone can call the police, and law enforcement agency will be there to help you.

So what would you do if someone takes you away by force? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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