How To Use Fingers To Defend Against A Stronger and Bigger Attacker

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When you face a bigger and stronger opponent, he has the leverage. He will use his strength and size against you in a fight. So can you defend yourself against a stronger and bigger attacker?

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You can control a stronger opponent and defend yourself using your technique, strength, and moves. If you have strength, that's a plus point. But if you do not how to use that, you will find it hard to defend yourself against different attacks.

I have made a post about finger strike and whether you should do it or not. You can use your fingers to strike and grab. You can also use the attacker fingers to put pressure in order to defend yourself. It works like magic against a bigger and stronger attacker.

If the attacker grabs your throat with both hands and chokes you, you can tight your neck and make it hard so that you can still breathe. Then you can use your thumbs and index fingers to grab the attacker's thumbs and pull it outside. The attacker will not be able to choke you anymore.

Not only defending against choke, but you can also use the attacker's fingers to defend against different attacks. For example, if the attacker grabs your hands, you can turn and grab the attacker's finger, then pull and put pressure. You can easily release your hands.

Let's watch this video to see how you can use the attacker's fingers to defend against grabbing hands. This is not my video and video credit goes to Howcast.

Source and Video Credit

Fingers can move to a certain degree and if you move it beyond that, it is going to be very painful. You can use the techniques to protect yourself against various attacks.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you will find it useful to defend against a stronger and bigger attacker. Please feel free to leave your comment below.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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