Is Timing Really Important In A Fight For Self Defense?

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When you do anything, you spend time on that. Time only moves forward. In a fighting competition, you see different rounds and it has a specific time. After finishing one round, another round starts. You have to make your move at the right time, timing is very important.

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If you fight for self defense, not in a fighting competition to be a champion, is timing really important? Please keep reading this post to know why timing is so important in a fight for self defense and how it can change the complete situation.

You know what to do to defend yourself. You practice different parry and blocks. You can do that. That's great. But when the attacker strikes you, you get hit. How can it be?

If you are slow, and the attacker punches or kicks you, he can hit you easily. You might parry or block to defend yourself, but before doing that, you are already turned into a punching bag.

Let's talk about intercepting the attacker's punch? Intercepting the punch is a very effective technique and you can use it for self defense. Here you hit the attacker before his strike hits you. You see the attacker is going to punch you, you punch him faster than he does. As a result, he is not able to hit you.

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But you cannot do that if you fail to do it on time. There is nothing wrong with the technique, timing is a factor here.

You have to be fast when you make any move to strike, otherwise, the attacker will do something to prevent that or counter-attack. Again timing is important.

You do parry very fast but after doing parry, the attacker's punch lands on your face. it will definitely decorate your face. You need to understand the attacker's speed when you block or parry to defend any strike. Matching with the attacker's attacking speed, you have to block or parry as a defense.

Spend some time sparring with your training partner. You will understand the timing better and you will get used to it. So what do you think about timing in a fight for self defense? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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