Mistakes You Make When Grabbing A Roundhouse Kick

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You can defend a kick in different ways. You can block or parry to defend against a kick. Someone can hit you with a kick if you are in a kicking rage. So as a defense, you can quickly get out of the kicking range.

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You can grab the attacker's leg as a defense against the kick. While you are grabbing the attacker's roundhouse kick as a defense, you might make a couple of mistakes. If you want to avoid making those mistakes, please kick reading.

The attacker can be very fast at kicking and punching. So if you plan to grab the attacker's leg, you might not get a chance because he is very fast and move this leg back quickly after delivering the kick.

Using proper techniques, you can grab the attacker's leg when he does a roundhouse kick. You can watch this video to get more ideas about the body position when you grab the attacker's leg. And we also talk about the mistakes.

When you grab the attacker's leg, you might pay more attention to the side and looking at the attacker's leg. Here you can make a serious mistake. The attacker will not stand there without doing anything when he sees that you are about to grab his leg. He can punch you and it could decorate your face.

So while making your move to grab his leg, keep an eye at the attacker. In case, he punches, you are ready to defend that.

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You just grab the attacker's leg, don't keep your other hand down. You are not ready to defend yourself if you do that. So keep your hand up.

As soon as you grab the attacker's leg, you do not want to be in that position. You have to strike him immediately or make him fall on the ground.

If you want to make him fall on the ground, you can do that moving your leg behind his leg and turn. The attacker will fall on the ground. If you want to get on the ground with the attacker as you watch in the video, keep your balance. If you lose your balance while doing this, you will be in trouble.

When you grab the attacker's leg and make him fall on the ground, you have to do it fast, otherwise, you cannot do this successfully. In case there are multiple attackers, you have to turn quickly to face the other attackers.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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