Stand Up vs Sit Down For Self Defense

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Should you stand up or sit down in a fight for self defense?

When you are in a fight, it is better to stand up and fight. In a sitting position, you limit your options to make moves. It is easy to say, but the situation we face, that's complicated.

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You have no idea that someone can attack when you sit down on a bus, train, or restaurant. Sometimes you feel that something is wrong, still, you sit there for some reason. If you are a security officer and you are there for someone's security, you cannot just stand up and get out of there.

If you sit down, it does mean you cannot fight from there. If the attacker is about to attack you, you can move your body, kick him, grab his hands, or pull him. You can do a lot of things.

As soon as you realize that someone can attack you, you should be ready to face it. You can keep your legs in such a way so that you can stand up quickly and fight. In a seated position, you just limit your option to make moves and as soon as you stand up, you can make any move.

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You can ever grab the chair and use it as an improvised weapon. Now you can hit the attacker with the chair or defend yourself using the chair. Don't limit yourself. You can adapt to the situation and make your move accordingly.

When you practice martial arts, you learn different things and you can use your skills effectively for self defense. If you are there for giving someone security, his or her security is your priority. You have to defend yourself and defend the person from attackers.

In case you are in disguise, you can sit there so that it would be difficult to recognize you or if they recognize you, you can make your move from a seated position and stand up to fight for self defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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