Things To Remember When You Do Elbow Strike

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If you practice martial arts, you know that one of the most effective and common strikes is elbow strike. You can do elbow strike in different ways and adapt to different situations.

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What I am going to say now, you might get shocked or disappointed, that is, you learn many strikes, how many of them you can use in real life for self defense. Most of the time, you will find many strikes are useless in combat.

In case you are in a narrow space, you cannot move easily. Maybe you are very good at doing high kicks, the thing is, you might not able to raise your legs, let alone doing high kicks.

On the other hand, elbow strike is very useful in a close range. You can do it fast and hit the attacker. There are a couple of things you should remember when you do elbow strikes.

If you are in a kicking range, you cannot do elbow strikes. You can do it but you will not be able to hit the attacker's body. If you want to use your elbow as a defense or block, that's different. You can strike the attacker's leg.

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In order to hit the attacker's body, you have to be in a close range. You can defend the attacker's strike and do elbow strike as a counter-attack.

When you do elbow strikes with one hand, your other should be up in the right position. If you keep your other hand down, you are vulnerable. Well, you might be wondering that I said earlier, elbow strike is one of the most effective strikes, then how come it makes you vulnerable.

While you are doing an elbow strike, the attacker will not stand there nicely and accept the elbow strike. He knows you can decorate his face with elbow strikes. So the attacker will try to send you to the hospital for make-up. lol...

So always keep your one hand up in the right position when you do elbow strike with the other hand so that the attacker does not get a chance to hit there. Or, in case the attacker hits you, you are ready to defend that.

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You are so desperate to hit with elbow strikes. You have a habit to lean forward in order to hit if you cannot hit the attacker. When you lean forward, you cannot generate much power. And the attacker can use this moment to make you off balance. Once you are off-balance, the attacker can hit you and put you in a vulnerable position.

Since there are different ways you can do elbow strikes, you can learn something new that you did not think of before. Just have an open mind. I learned something new today about elbow strikes that I have not thought of before in that way.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comment below. I appreciate your support and feedback!

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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