This is the best martial art - Do You Close Your Mind?

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When we choose to do anything, we always want to make the best choice. You do something because you think that is best. When you decide to learn a martial art, you keep in mind the same thing.

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So what martial art you are learning, you are learning that since you think that is better for you. You can learn martial art focusing on self defense or focusing on sports.

As a beginner, you might hear from your seniors that this is the best martial art. Those other martial arts are not good, what they are doing is meaningless and that's useless as well. Maybe you feel good hearing that. And you start to think about other martial arts that way.

The problem is, you tend to close your mind hearing that. And that puts a limit to your learning and exploring martial arts. I don't know why some people say their students like this - maybe motivating themselves that they are the best and they are teaching the best martial art.

One martial art can be very good, you will find other martial arts that are better. Or, some techniques in particular martial arts are excellent. If you want to master that, it is better to learn it from them. Likewise, some martial arts are good for other things.

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You have to have an open mind when you learn martial arts. Otherwise, after a certain level, you cannot make progress. You see that martial art masters always love and respect martial art masters in other martial arts. They try to learn something from each other.

You might have misconceptions due to hearing negative things about other martial arts without exploring it yourself. There are many martial arts in the world that is not very popular but highly effective for self defense in real life.

You can learn more and improve your skills if you have an open mind. Of course, the martial art you are learning is better, that's why you are learning. But there are other martial arts that can change your mind.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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