What Is Personal Space? Is It Helpful To Maintain Personal Space For Self Defense?

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When you talk to your friends, you are very comfortable with them. They get to very close you. You trust them, so there is nothing to worry about it. How about someone you do not know? Should you let him or her get into your personal space?

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By the way, what is personal space anyway?
Personal space is the physical space around you. Just put your hands in front of you, that's your personal space.

Whether you practice a martial art or not, you do not feel comfortable to let any stranger move into your personal space. If you feel comfortable with someone, that's different.

When it comes to self defense, it is very important to maintain the distance. There are different ranges in martial arts, such as punching range, kicking range, and so on. When you make any move to strike or defend, the distance between you and the attacker can change the whole thing.

If you are very close to the attacker and he attacks you, there is a high chance you will get it even you try to block. There is no problem with your blocks. You just too close to the attacker. That's why it did not work.

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You can maintain your personal space as a defense. Do not let anyone get into your personal space. If someone is in your personal space, he or she can easily strike and hit you. It would be difficult for the attacker to hit you when he/she is not in your personal space.

In order to strike and hit you, the attacker has to close the gap to get into your personal space. You can step and to the side in order to make the distance. You can move back and forth so that the attacker will not get a chance to get close to you.

So what do you think about maintaining personal space for self defense. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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