Which One Is Better - Getting Close To The Attacker Or Making The Distance?

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You said something and you are right. Someone said something that is completely opposite to what you said. So is he wrong? He is also right. Yes, both can be right and it depends on the context. You are concerned about your safety. When you face the attacker, you will do your best to defend yourself.

So which one is better? Do you need to get close to the attacker or you should make the distance and stay away?

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The moment you see the threat, you do not like to get close to that. Someone is going to attack you and you are afraid. You will not get close to him, that's a normal reaction. From the self-defense perspective, if you make the distance, the attacker has to close the distance before attacking you. If the attacker is close to you, you might get hit in spite of seeing his strike and you are about to parry. But he has already hit you.

It is difficult to defend if the attacker is close to you. When there is a distance, at least you get some time to respond and defend the strike. You can use the distance itself as a defense. Whether the attacker kicks you or punches you, he is not able to hit you if you move fast and get out of the attacking line. You can use the distance to your advantage.

Sometimes you have to get close to the attacker as a defense. For example, the attacker is going to attack you with a stick or baseball bat. It is better to get in and stop the attacker. When the attacker swings the baseball bat, you can move back and make the distance as a defense. As soon as the attacker misses you, he will swing his baseball bat to hit you again. You have to get in and close the gap. You can grab the attacker's hand, strike him, and defend yourself against a baseball bat attack.

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If you see the attacker is about to draw his weapon, you can make your move to stop him right there before drawing his weapon. Once he has the weapon on his hands, the situation will change and you will find it difficult to defend. So you have to get close to the attacker to stop him.

Attacking is the best defense in some situations. You see there is no way you can get out of there and you will be attacked for sure. When you are close to the attacker, he can strike you. Well, you can do the same. So you can get close to the attacker in order to make your move first.

Whether you make the distance or get close to the attacker for self-defense, it is up to you and how you make your move to protect yourself. Both can be better for self-defense. So what do you think about that?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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