Why Do You Need To Keep Your Hands Up Even If You Do Front Kick?

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When you are in a fight and you are attacking, you usually do not think of defending yourself at that time. The attacker can make his move fast and use the moment to counter-attack. So even when you strike, your hands, legs, and body position should be in the proper place so that you can defend yourself quickly.

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Sometimes when you see different kicks, you see students keep their hands here and there. Maybe you see some pictures and doing some fancy move. They keep their hands the way just for the pose. There is nothing wrong when you take pictures and do whatever you like.

If you watch martial art action movies, you tend to think about what they show over there, that's how you have to do that. Movies are for entertainment. That's their focus when they make movies. Because of looking good on camera, they make some changes and do things in different ways.

It might look powerful and great on camera, but not in a fight for self defense. You should keep your hands up. It will help you respond fast, defend, and counter-attack.

When you do front kicks, if you keep your hands down, the attacker can move to the side and use that opportunity to strike you. And you might raise your hands to defend that, but you already get hit. I'm going to point it out from the following video. That's not my video and all video credit goes to Kalaripayattu Kerala.

Source and Video Credit

From 1:25 to 2:03 Minutes
If your opponent catches your leg and gets close to you while you are doing a front kick, you can strike and defend yourself quickly when you keep your hands up. In the above video, you see how the opponent moves to the side and closes the distance. If your hands are down like the guy with the yellow shirt, you will find it difficult to defend yourself.

It's a habit to keep your hands up when you make your move. So even when you do front kicks, keep your hands forward and up.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you will find it useful in your martial art training. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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