Why You Could Not Defend The Punch

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When you wear gloves and wear protection like teeth guards, if you get hit by a punch, that might not make serious damage. It could, but the probability is less. When you learn a martial art, you learn how to punch. You also practice how to block or parry a punch. Still, when you are attacked on the street, you get hit and could not defend against punches.

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When someone punches you, and you cannot detect that earlier, you cannot defend the punch even though you know how to block a punch. You see the punching coming, you raise your hands to parry, but you have already get hit.

It takes time to raise your hands up and then defend the punch. You usually do not get that time. If you react fast, only then you can defend yourself. A punch can make some serious damage if that lands on your face. You will not wear teeth guards on the street, will you? So some unexpected incidents can happen.

So what can help you defend against punches?

Your experience is a factor that can help you a lot to defend yourself. When you feel something is wrong and you can be attacked, you have to be more aware of the situation. When the attacker is in front of you and talking, pay close attention to his body language and how he moves.

In order to throw a punch, he might make a little distance and suddenly throw the punch. If you observe the attacker's movement and you move accordingly, it will make it hard for the attacker to hit you. Before throwing the punch, the attacker's shoulder will move. You have to understand seeing this little shoulder movement and make your move to defend yourself.

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While you are talking, you should keep your hands up somehow so that you can defend the attacker's punch. When your hands are already there, it will be easier to defend the attacker's strikes.

When you parry the punch and get in, try to get in into the side. Do outside block and move out of the attacking line. From there, you have more control. YOu cannot do everything that you expect. Sometimes you are on the inside and defend the punch. Just be aware that the attacker has more options to strike you when you are inside.

You can use the distance as a defense against a punch. You can move out so that the attacker's punch does not reach you. You have to counter-attack as a defense, otherwise, the attacker will keep attacking you.

So what do you think about defending a punch in real-life situations? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading the post.

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