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Hello beautiful friends of BDCommunity, I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. Today I am going again to share my daily quest rewards of Splinterlands game with you people. Today's quest was given in Water Splinter and I completed the quest very easily. Currently, I am playing in the silver 1 leagues so I was rewarded with 4 loot chests. In today's quest rewards, I got 1 card, 1 potion, and 29 Dec.



One night when the moons were full, the renegades of the Lunta Kalna performed a secret and powerful ritual. Their ceremony called forth forces of wind, rain, and hail; for the first time ever in recorded history, there was a hailstorm in Draykh-Nahka. Except it wasn’t only hail that fell from the sky that night. There were also a small number of strange Cubes that seemed to be alive. They have the look of ice, but upon contact with most objects, the surface of the Cube turns to jelly and absorbs the object, rather noisily. It is assumed that this is how the Cubes eat. When attacked, Gelatinous Cubes can make their outer shell as hard as solid ice for a short time. They can also alter their size to some degree, swelling up and increasing their power, depending on how much they have absorbed that day.

Claimed Rewards


My Current League:


My current league is still Silver 1 and today I reached 2244 ratings.


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