We Are Not Robots


It has never got to this extend, I mean it.
I just had to lay in my bed and think of what to do.
I have been staring at my ceiling for as long as I can remember, nursing my pains and my broken heart, shsss🤫 did I just mention broken heart? Broken bones rather 😂😂 not heart but bones. Yes, I have been out on the field again today. This time I got injured. I went back home leaping.


For some reason, we trained with the guys today and we also played with them so imagine getting kicked or accidentally knocked by a guy, then you will know that though we all have 206 bones but that bones and bones differs😂😂

Funnily enough, I still played and had fun amid the pain and injuries I received lol, crazy right? I bet lol.
And here I am with M.M laughing at me and asking if I was being dragged home or if my bones were still intact lol (that was a funny one M.M, thanks for always easing the pains with your jokes)

Yes, I got back home dressing and massaging my legs and thighs, its gonna be another journey of enduring these pains again for me but what can I do? It's mandatory and apart from that, I like it because it been a while I had a proper fun😂
And to me this is fun. I don't even see it as a competition or that we have an upcoming tournament, I just see it as having fun and exercising your body in a hard and painful way😂


It Happened!

Yes! it was bound to be this way. I saw it coming, I sensed it. I knew I will be sleeping my time away today😂😶 (did I say that out loud?) I guess I did
Yes! I have been sleeping and waking every now and then. I doze off while writing and kept waking up after an hour or more.

Please you guys shouldn't laugh at me. I already knew it would happen and I wasn't wrong after all. This is what we suffer each time we stress and overwork our system.


Not Robots!

No, we aren't some kinds of robots, so we need rest as at when due. If we don't wanna permanently or temporarily shut down, we should always give our body, our system some rest every now and then, it does really help and it's very needed and helpful too.

I don't know if I have slept enough for now but I might likely sleep off again while typing it, so if you start reading unusual words, letters, and sentences in my article today, just be aware beforehand where it is coming from; It is the handwork of sleep nothing more, nothing less😂😶

I feel tired, weak, and ashamed😂 why am I ashamed? That is because you will realize that after spending some hours or more (because of the sleeping at intervals) I really didn't make any sense in this article or did I make any sense at all today?.
If I did, prove me wrong 😂 and I just kept laughing and saying rubbish lol.

Forgive me! It was never going to be so. But after my years of blogging, I think this is really the first time I have done that thing called Free Write or Free Writing.
I never knew what it felt like to pick up one's pen and notepad or even phone to start freewriting or saying shits.

You know when you just start writing without having anything in mind or what exactly you are doing or where exactly you are going but you just start and follow along with the flow and wherever it leads you.
This is what is happening with me today and I can't stop myself because I believe that in every nonsense, there will always be a sense and even if I am not making any sense or making an effort. Please do find a way to remove the NON in this and take the SENSE even if you don't find it 😂🤭 thank you!.

Did I just say I wasn't making any sense in this article? No! I think that's not the case.
I think I have made a lot of sense since I started this free write.
I have talked about training for an upcoming tournament, that's settled.
I talked about resting and not working ourselves out because we aren't robots.
I have even talked about this being my first time truly free writing.
I didn't know it could be this fun, maybe you should try.
I remember I have even talked about my broken heart, oops, I mean my broken bones😂😂 (I think its healing or better still, the little rest and sleep is working out some of my body parts for me, thank God)

So you see? In the long run, I have said more than enough. So who will still say I haven't made any sense after reading the things I have said here? If you dare, just raise your hands, look me in the eyes and repeat yourself.
I am not making any sense! yes try saying that🙄😏

But you know what? Before I end this nonsensical article for today (very rare right?😉😂) I would love to leave this open letter here.

Dear You,
If you are wondering how I am faring or what I am doing, just know I am here and I am okay, so no need to worry about me.
Some days are like that.
Some days I laugh and have fun.
Some days I just wanna be on my own and enjoy my space.
Some days I can be sweet, some days I can be your worst nightmare.
But every day I am me.
Yes, this is me, the fun, annoying and carefree girl.

You don't have to bother yourself wondering what's wrong with me cause the truth is nothing is actually wrong with me.
I am just being me and being real.
I don't fake a life so don't even expect it.
I love life and I love being me. I never compromise to please anyone. The only people I came to this world to please are God, myself, and my parents (optional😉😂) for now.

If I am not living up to expectations, just to remind you that I am nobody's property or tool so don't expect anything from me. I live life and I live at my best.
My boring life has saved my butt from so many unnecessary shits and dramas so I love it and keep it that way.
So once again, I wanna let you know that I am fine and always doing good because oluwa got my back😇😉

Yours Truly,
Your Baby Girl ;)

You, yes, you are the YOU in that letter. If at any point you thought something was wrong with me or you wish to know how I am faring, that letter is for you.
Your baby girl is doing well and basking in the love of God.

I wish to look back at my gibberish years after and be like, girl, your words did make a lot of meaning, and in one article you passed a lot of messages. That's the purpose of this nonsensical, and senseless article.
For now, my work is done here. See you guys around. Probably, I will get back to sleep cause the weather here is already calling me back to bed like the sea calls out to Moana😂



If you are have been following up on my gibberish to this point, then I must thank you for sticking around and sticking your nose in other people's business😂 (oops, that came out wrongly lol)
Really thanks for stopping by, for glancing, or even peeping. I appreciate them all, including your upvote and comments too.

Still your baby girl ;)

PS: All photos are mine except stated otherwise

14 July 2021



Sorry dear, I am imagining how you girls playing match with boys do you want to break your bones. Please take care of your self. Okay.


It's not right, the male team and female team are not meant to play together for no reason at all as they possess a much stronger bone tissue compared to the opposite sex and could cause serious injuries.

Do well to have enough rest after this. Hope the leaping or injury has has eased off a bit?

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Yes I know it's not right because they are stronger but circumstances made us train with the guys but we wouldn't possibly play with them.

My legs still hurt but I will be fine anyway, thanks for your concern