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RE: Excited to test out @dbuzz for the first time! First impressions are very positive. Hoping to see se

in D.Buzzlast year

Nice point @patrickulrich we'll work on innovating as fast as we can!


Thanks @chrisrice. Did you notice my report in the comments about tags? When I didn't specify a tag it applied all top tags. Is that anticipated behavior or potential bug?

It's a bug . . But our devs are sleeping right now.

Perfect! I thought it might be. I also just had another bug where I clicked a nested comment. When it loaded the comment it displayed it twice like a reply to itself. It was in one of our threads here. For reference I'm on Brave mobile if it helps.

Got it @patrickulrich I just woke up and I am documenting and making a list of bugs for our Devs to fix 👍